Di MC’s Journal – February 28th 1988 to February 28th 2016 – 28 Years Later (or is it 28 Days Later? (Hint -> 28 Days Later movie – Mi a waan z0mb!e m0v!e F@N@t!c)

Di MC’s Journal – February 28th 1988 to February 28th 2016 – 28 Years Later (or is it 28 Days Later? (Hint -> 28 Days Later movie – Mi a waan z0mb!e m0v!e F@N@t!c)   
 -> Then …. February 28th 1988 – 28 Years ago …….
 Waan likkle 14 years ole yute baan n raise ina JamDownRock aka JAHmekYah aka Land of Wood n Wata aka Jamaica ….. 
Heading 2 di BEEEG good ole U.S.A …. Wow … 

Many years n nuff $$$ fightin fi get di magical v!$@ …. 

Di US v!$@ is di bastion of hope for so many people tryin 2 com 2 di Land of Opportunity aka di United States of America ….

Many 1sts – Day that will live ina infamy ….

 1st time pon waan plane.

 1st time seeing another country (Cuba).

 1st time of many trips 2 Miami, Florida (reminds moi of home since it is tropical, nuff yaad food n b@shment n tings etc etc)

 1st time in anotha country di USA.


-> Middle Story …. 

 1st job @ Kroger 16 years 1989 mek king $3.35/hour (Mi still hav di copy a mi 1st BEEG wh0ppi!n p@ycheck!!!)

 D!E H@@D Rockets F@N@T!C ( Di BEST NBA Basketball playa EVER Hakeem “Di Dr34m” Olajuwon!!)

 Graduate from Spring High School 1988-1992.

 Goals accomplished – 2nd College degree ina di Mair fambily 1994-1997 ina Irving, Texas (Go ole school Cowboys!!)

 1st professional career as an Application Engineer hired even before mi graduated college in early 1997.

 Mi Gmama aka PapaLodi was ina di hospital so mi reTired n moved bac 2 Houston – LOVE is ALLways more important than nuff $$$ … 

Nuff years of struggle but mi waan CHILD.of.GOD …. Neva give up LOVE.HOPE.Faith …. Nuh fear … Lost mi reLIEgion … All man made LIEs … Isms n schisms … 
-> Now … February 28th 2016 …. Present day ….. W0W!!!


 From Houston aka Htown, Texas To di Desert aka Midland, Texas ( Book in progress – “Jamaican.Double-Wide.Desert” ) to Manvel / Rosharon, Texas to Arlington, Virginia / Washington DC …. 

 Mi never thought that mi would live 2 see waan JAH-appointed bredda President Barack Obama running tings ina BabiLIEion system, much less mi being waan few blocks away from all di action.

 Mi started working as waan Engineer again ina Washington DC!!! 

 Nuff prayers answered and dreams starting 2 tek shape …

 Anyone who says the CHRISTian life is booooring is welllllll ….. N mi digress…
 To all the people who all a fi wi GOD.FATHER.JAH has placed ina fi mi likkle life mi really LOVE n appreciate all di LOVEing memories n great FUN times etc ….
 To what JAH has planned for the next 28 years n di nex 28 n di nex 28 mi reddi fi di ride!!!!
 ALLways rememba seh LOVE.is.di.GREATest… 
 P.S. If yuh visiting near di nation’s capital DC pls link mi up di city is choc full of wonderful history etc etc etcetera. If yuh nuh kno yuh past … Yuh kno di rest …

FREE Room n board @ di M@n$!on aka di M0nC@ve 🙂

JAH blessup 1.LOVE fi eva yaadieMC


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